From knowing nothing about guitar, I teach you how to buy, tune, play notes, strum chords, and play TEN classic songs.

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Just begin, NOW, and you will.


Music has been a part of the human race since we were able to document anything. In fact it's one of the first ways we DID document anything. When you commit to learning guitar, YOU step into that legacy. The Ancient Greeks had the Lute, YOU have the Guitar. 

There are a myriad of reason to begin playing, from communicating outside our verbal norms, brain health, expanding and deepening your social circles, but YOU have a reason too. Maybe it's one listed above, maybe it's something you will question and maybe not find, for a very long time but YOU KNOW IT IS THERE.

Want to know the secret to playing guitar?

Are you sure?

It's the best kept secret there is, because no one wants to talk about the REAL Secret.

Well, here ya go-

Commitment. Practice. Patience.

When you have this key foundational understanding and you learn from someone who has been where you want to be and still is, you can accomplish what you have always wanted. 

No matter the art or discipline, you will always benefit from learning from someone who has a history and a foundation- someone who has a plethora of students and knows what it is to watch a student go from nothing at all to playing shows.

What Do My Students Have To Say?


Anyone Can Do This!

You find "secrets" to playing fast littered all around the internet like disposed tires on a highway. But if we're being honest everyone knows that the only way you got good at anything is, at some level, disregarding the fears and diving right in.

So again, what is the secret to becoming a guitarist?

Commitment, Practice, Patience, and a great, and disciplined teacher.

Of course when I tell potential students this, their response tends to be:

The next section will make some people leave this page, but that is ok. Because I'm interested in working with people who have a DEEP DESIRE to learn this instrument, people who have always felt this is something they should have in their life, but have ignored it for a myriad of reasons.

There are probably things stuck in your head telling you why it is that you are SO SPECIAL that YOU, unlike EVERY OTHER GUITARIST, can't. ; )

So let's get rid of that right now-

What is that voice saying?


You ARE TOO OLD for this!
Your ADHD IS NOT going to not let you do this! 
You'll be OVERWHELMED and QUIT, BEFORE you EVEN start! 
It's MY or MY CHILD'S AUTISM that won't let me/them do this!
I just don't have "THE TIME". 



We all have these voices in our heads that tell us why we shouldn't, but that doesn't mean we CAN'T. I subscribe to the way of thinking that author Steven Pressfield laid out in his book, "The War of Art", who says that this "Resistance" IS something we should listen to, and then do the opposite of.

The reasons listed above are all viable in the eyes of the world. People will say, "That makes sense", "Don't push yourself too hard". I have had many students with EVERY ONE OF THESE ISSUES and my students could have used them to say they can't. But here's the thing, THEY DID IT ANYWAY.

The benefits of music truly are unending. Mostly everyone understands that music can help your confidence and your socialization skills. But let's take a look at more than just social proof.


8 Ways Music Helps Your Brain


1. Playing Music Strengthens memory and reading skills. Found by The Auditory Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University.

2. Playing music makes you happy. Discovered by McMaster University

3. Brain Blood Flow.  Studies found short bursts of musical training increase blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain.

4. Stress and Depression Reduction.  Studies found that music therapy lowered levels of depression and anxiety.

5. Enhanced Executive Function. Executive function covers processing and retaining information, controlling behavior, and problem-solving.

6. Musicians Multitask Better. This is because playing music forces you to process multiple senses at once. This can lead superior multi-sensory skills.

7. Music helps the brain recover. Motor control improved in everyday activities with stroke patients.

8. Strengthens bonds with others. Think about your favorite band. They can only make a record when they have contact, coordination, and cooperation with each other.


  • Learn What Guitar Is Right For You With Direct Links To Show You Exactly What You Need
  • The Anatomy Of Acoustic And Electric Guitars
  • A Basic, But Essential Finger Exercise
  • How To Get And Use A Free Guitar Tuner and Metronome
  • Proper Posture & Pick Technique
  • Learn SIX Classic Songs
  • How To Utilize Alternate Picking For Faster Playing
  • An Advanced Finger Exercise
  • How To Play A Basic And Advanced C Major Scale
  • How To Play Basic C & G Chords
  • How To Play A True Successive C Major Scale
  • What A Capo Is And How To Use One
  • How To Restring Your Guitar
  • Advanced Strumming Techniques
  • All This, Plus Bonuses Listed Below

I'm Ready! Want To Buy Now!

Dan - 48

Andrew has been great in teaching somebody that has no idea how to play
something and makes it easy and enjoyable and it's the best decision I ever made."

Natalie - 9

"My favorite part about guitar is
it's a way of expressing emotion without talking and Andrews taught me to do
things that are not fully comfortable with and think outside the box cause
then I end up really liking them."

Beth - 52

"When I turn 45 I decided to get a better guitar. Somebody introduced me to Andrew and it changed my guitar playing it made me really comfortable. It was more or less about a lesson and more about learning about music. I played out a couple times and really enjoyed it. It's kind of changed my life. I think when you're 45 or 50, I'm 52 now to find something outside of your regular job that you really love and you're passionate about makes a difference in life."

Molly - 40

"I wanted to play the guitar probably for over 20 years and I turned 40 this year and
decided to just go for it, and do some things I've been talking about doing for a long time. After our first lesson, I knew I could really work with Andrew because he just made me feel no pressure, praised every little thing I did, and said "doing great, doing great, keep going", and I really love that. He prepared me for the roadblocks. So I know ahead of time, 'don’t get frustrated just muddle through learning chords or whatever' . It's just a little bit of a struggle, but I’ll be playing music in no time!"

The Purpose of Music Is Connection

Connection with friends.

Connection with self.

Connection with the world.


Maybe you didn't watch the whole video at the top (totally ok, it's a long one) But if you didn't I want you to hear this last part of the video where I explain WHY I teach guitar, and how I truly believe that by learning and playing this instrument, you make the world a batter place...corny as it sounds... I believe it.


About your Instructor

My parents were musicians and educators. Both were teachers at our local high school during the week, and played gigs on Friday and Saturday, then led the music at mass on Sunday. They brought my sister and I to every show and that's where I learned how to play music. I started "opening" for them at gigs when I was 7 or 8. I'm forever grateful.

As a music instructor I've curated recitals at exciting and historic music venues around Chicago, helped students young and old form bands of their own, and have a full schedule of 35 gifted music students.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts in music composition from Columbia College Chicago, with a minor in guitar performance.

I am a solo artist, and the leader and songwriter of the Chicago band Minor Characters. I've made music with inspiring people like Beau Sorenson (tUnE-yArDs, Bob Mould, Death Cab for Cutie, Titus Andronicus), Steve Shirk (Joe Pug, Alabama Shakes), and TW Walsh (Sufjan Stevens, Bazan, Pedro the Lion), made an album at April Base in Eau Claire, WI (Bon Iver's home studio), toured extensively, and played South By Southwest Music Festival 2010-2013. 

I now live and teach in Los Angeles, CA.

So you say you can teach...

Below is a short video that teaches you how to play the Chord, E Minor. If you can follow along with this one, you can follow along with the other 31 Chords that I teach in THIS section of the course.


Simple as that!


"Alright dude, how much Does this thing cost?"

Normally working with my students in person they would end up paying $600-$700 to get as far as these lessons can take you.

But that's not necessarily true... 

Many times students need to repeat lessons, sometimes they don't practice many times they forget. Then they end up spending twice as much to be able to understand and retain everything that is in this course. 



$1200.00 - $1400.00 for this course??


Yea, I thought that was ridiculous too.


Here's the thing.

Usually When I work with students they only have me for 45 minutes to an hour. YOU can utilize this course, this program as man times as you want OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

But still... $600 is a lot to drop on a course.

Again, I agree, that's why I dropped it to a fraction of that cost.

Then dropped it again...

and again...

and again.


I landed on $300... but then I asked myself a question.


I said, "You know, for $300 you could buy a decent guitar. What if I taught how to play guitar for even less than the cost of a guitar?"

And that's what I did.

I am happy to say this course is available RIGHT NOW for less than the cost of a baseline acoustic guitar.


I spent over a year working on this course. We filmed early mornings before my lessons and my camera man edited through the night sometimes to create the absolute BEST product we could. 

But when we were all done, I thought, "What if we gave, just a little bit bit more".

With that, welcome to the Bonus Section!

  • Seventy Nine Downloadable Audio Files For You To Play Along With Me At Different Speeds

  • One Hundred and Two Visual Diagrams To Help you Visualize And Understand Chords, Notes and Structure

  • FOUR Additional Songs!

  • Are you a little impatient? We all are! So we created and are including The Fast Track to Chords Course!  This won't teach intricacy and fully proper technique, but it is a great way to get you up and playing quickly!

  • Get The 32 Chord Course Included which teaches how to play 32 different chords

  • Have the ability to ask questions and interact with me on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

  • We are currently offering this course at a discounted rate from $300 to $197!

Let's go through this together.

I'll be with you every step of the way as you finally learn what you have been putting off. You can talk to me AT ANY TIME, about ANY OF THE 49 VIDEOS.

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