At Last! China Reveals Her 8 Year Old Millionaire-Making Secret…
Dear Friend,

If you would like to make a lot of money very quickly, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here’s why: my name is Tyler Hulme and, some time ago, I was dead broke.

My business was almost bankrupt and I couldn’t even pay the rent. Actually, I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate. Then, one day, I came up with a “crazy idea” about figuring out what the biggest money makers were in non-English speaking countries and putting them in to action over here.

I was living in Atlanta at the time and my friends laughed at the idea. They thought it was a big joke. They said I was a dreamer and that I had no “common sense”. In fact, one guy said I was just a nerd and that my idea was so silly, he felt sorry for me. 

Oh yeah? Well, I didn’t care.

I still thought I had a good idea and so I got to work. I paid for the top 100 “make money” related Google search terms to be translated in to Russian, Chinese and German by a professional translator and had him “Google” each of them in the native language in each countries most popular search engine.

I gave the translator a set of nine exact rules to follow when evaluating what he found, relating to how much money was made… how quickly… how repeatable it appeared to be… and, crucially, whether it was already being used elsewhere in the world.

And guess what?

We actually found a few opportunities. Four I thought had real legs.

I used a Russian process to bring in a few hundred dollars, the very first week... but it seemed to have limited potential. 

Then, I tried a German solution which relied on making dumb little video blogs — a similar story, a few hundred bucks, but nothing to write home about.

So, I moved on to the last two, both from China.

What’s the bottom line? 

Simply this: before I had the chance to even test the fourth option, the third simple Chinese money-making process pulled in…
More Than $32,000 In Profit!
Think about it: more than $32,000 was deposited in to my checking account, within just a couple weeks of starting.

And what was I selling? Actually, I didn’t have anything to sell. I plugged in products from other people and just took a commission. You see, the magic was not in the product, it was in the cutting-edge Chinese method!

Do you have something to sell? If so, you can use “method three” I used to make $32,000 in profit to sell almost anything you’ve got, in a way virtually nobody outside of China has ever seen before.

If you don’t have anything to sell, you can just do what I did: plug in other peoples products, and leave the real hard work up to them while you collect the commissions. I'll even show you how.
Who Needs This Secret?
  • Are you struggling to find a reliable and repeatable method to make money from the Internet without it costing an arm and a leg, with no product of your own and no desire to create one?
  • Do you have a product or service which needs more sales?
  • Are you a housewife about to get a divorce who needs a simple way to make a lot of money?
  • ​Do you have a furniture store, restaurant, car dealership, hot dog stand or some other kind of establishment you’d like to see swamped with customers?
  • ​Do you have rent, mortgage or car repayments to keep up with that you need a rapid and reliable flow of cash for, even if you’ve never made a dime on the Internet before?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’ll be glad I went ahead with my “crazy idea” and found “method three”.

You can put it to use yourself starting today, in my new training series called…
The China Method — 
How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time!
Listen: many years ago, I thought I wanted to be a sales guy. I got myself a job selling life insurance on the phone, cold-calling, and I kept at it until I was damn good.

But there was a problem. You see, I could only call so many people each day. And therefore, no matter how hard I worked, there was a definite ceiling on my earning capacity.

And besides that, selling on the phone is a horrible way to make a living!

So, I kept searching and searching until I came up with my “crazy idea” which ultimately became the first experience I ever had with what I call CMS or “China Method Selling”.

CMS uses the secrets of something else I developed during my cold-calling days called “Killer Closing” which almost forces people to buy whatever you are selling. And, what CMS lets you do is, sell almost anything without ever meeting your customer in person… or even talking to them at all!

These “China Method” selling secrets of “Killer Closing” can be used by anyone. Even a housewife, a student, or someone who's unemployed. And, if you have a business (or you want to use them to sell other peoples stuff and just collect the commissions, as I do, and, as I’ll show you), these secrets can generate so much cash-flow, you may actually have those around you thinking you’re up to no-good. I’m not kidding. Method three from my “crazy idea”, for example, brought in…
More Than $2,800 Per Day!
Making that much money per day can set alarm-bells ringing in some peoples minds. After I brought home my new Tesla, my neighbour genuinely thought I must’ve started selling drugs. He knew I was about to file for bankruptcy just a few months prior, and he knew I hadn’t got a new “job”.

Yet, here I was, brand new Model X in the driveway. You should’ve seen the look on his face, eyes bulging as if he’d caught his wife cheating at home.

But anyway, method three of my “crazy idea” isn’t the only thing you’ll learn when you pick up my new training series today. No. That’s just this months signature training!

You see, this “crazy idea” of mine was so successful, I decided to expand the experiment even further. More keywords. More languages. More translators.

I uncovered a treasure-trove of goodies, to say the least… and still am, to this day. It’s almost like a heist movie, stealing other countries money-making secrets.

So, I decided to create a “members-only” club of sorts — The Heist Club.

Here is a sample of what you will learn each month inside The Heist Club:
  • How to get a product to sell if you don’t have one already, without any work, and for nothing! (see module 2)
  • How to get as much money as you need to solve your immediate cash-flow requirements… and get it without any complicated set up! (see module 3)
  • How to get “influencers” and even movie or TV stars to sell on your behalf… even if you don’t have a product to sell! (see modules 2 + 4)
  • ​An amazing secret that can turn your local “stuff for sale” websites into your own personal goldmine (see module 4)
  • ​How to make thousands in commissions for online “info products” you don’t own… using a strange Chinese method! (see module 1 + 2)
  • ​How to use China’s fastest growing business to make as much as $3,000 per day! (see modules 1 + 5)
  • ​How to use the worlds largest online retailer to grow a legitimate business that can pay you for years to come… without buying any stock at all! (see module 3)
  • ​A little-known secret that leverages a forgotten feature on the largest social network in the world… our guest trainer on this is making over $300,000 per month! (see featured guest training)
There’s more. A lot more. Including how, once you have your immediate cash-flow needs taken care of, you can use “cheap and weird” online adverts to make up to $6,000 per day… taught by the leading “no product necessary” advertising expert in the world. I could go on and on. There’s new stuff just like this added each and every month. We bring in the best of the best guest experts each month, too.

OK, that’s it for now. My fingers are starting to get tired typing this, and I don’t want to send you off to sleep by writing a novel. But anyway, I hope I have given you enough information about my new club to make you decide to get in and get started right away. But please…
Look, at only $37 per month the membership fees to join my club are extremely low compared to what you get. 

However, even so, I don’t want to charge you for your membership fee until you get inside and see how good it really is. Does that sound strange to you? I’m sorry if it does but no matter what… I intend to treat you like I would like to be treated!

In other words, I think you deserve to be able to see inside my club before you allow me to bill you for your membership.

All you’ll pay today is a measly $9 for my signature training series, “The China Method — How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time!”. On top of that, you’ll get complete access to my up to date members-only club for the next two weeks, in full, access all areas.

By the way, absolutely everything is backed by an iron-clad, no-questions-asked two month long guarantee that you can make use of at a moments notice by sending a quick email. Because that’s just the right way to do business!

Here’s how to get started.

All you have to do is enter your name and email address in the form below, and click the big, bright “happy orange” coloured button. You’ll then be taken to our secure order form, where you can choose your preferred payment method and fill in your details.
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That’s all there is to it. As soon as you place your order, our system sets up your members account immediately so you can dig straight in — even if it’s 2AM in the morning.

One final note: I will be closing down this offer in the next day or so. I can only share these secrets with so many people, as I'm sure you'll soon understand.

I look forward to welcoming you inside our exclusive community. Thank you.

Tyler Hulme
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